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Past exhibition at MIZE Gallery FLA

Updated: Jun 16, 2021



Artist Statement

Art title: Jardin Magico y Florido

Photography composite on vinyl film, applied on layers of plexiglass panels and mounted in a custom light box.

By: Sandrasonik (Sandra Dohnert)

With this image, I wanted to convey a deep rooted, youthful emotion that transports the viewer to my impression of pure, Florida, summer nostalgia.

While still living in Puerto Rico, my parents would bring us to Florida for vacation. This piece is inspired by the old Cypress Gardens water-ski shows from the late 70’s and by my years living in Miami Beach surrounded by its Latin population and its art deco architecture.

The young lady in this photo, Bella Pozo, is a half Cuban and half Puerto Rican artist, which for me, was a perfect fit since there is so much latin Caribbean influence in Florida; she is also a beloved friend of our family.

Each item is a photo taken at my home here in St. Pete. The flowers from my front yard garden, a sea shell we picked out on the beach, some oranges picked at the local produce market and a star fish that was given to my daughter as a gift. I created the waves and water droplet images digitally with an art deco flair.

Everything was printed in three layers on a special type of film that allows for various transparencies. I applied each film to custom cut plexiglass and all 3 layers where placed over a light box. A custom frame was built to hold the plexiglass and allow access for a control of 5 different levels of brightness and a power cord.

The frame was engineered by my lovely husband Scott Bourne who also built the box to spec.

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