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Past Exhibition: The Chef's Special at the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts (FMoPA) March 2021

I was honored to be included with two photographs for this show! Thank you for all of those who came and or saw it online. We are very proud of having our work at the FMoPA.

An exhibition by Tampa Bay photographers of local chefs and restaurant owners.

Food bonds us, it comforts us and gives us joy, but during the pandemic, our beloved places to escape reality for a while, the restaurants, have come under hard times. Many have not been able to make it or are struggling to hang on. These restaurants are part of the fabric of our community and need our support!

In this exhibition, we celebrate Tampa Bay’s culinary world through the eyes of our local photography community with portraits of the chefs, the owners, the creative food geniuses, and the food gurus of Tampa Bay! See the faces behind your favorite dishes, check out new local treasures or simply enjoy the art of portrait photography from March 5 until April 11 in the community gallery at FMoPA.

George Sayegh,

Chef & Co-Owner of Bodega on Central

Photo by Sandrasonik Photography - copyright 2021

Rob Reinsmith

Chef & Co-Owner, Wild Child

Photo by Sandrasonik Photography - copyright 2021

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